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DuelLinks – Yugi Muto Deck Building Megathread

After a delay, Yugi Muto is back! He appears randomly in duel world!

This event will run from: May 2 – May 9

For those like myself “using mobile devices” make sure to Tap on “Community info” and then tap the Link to the “megathread”, if you’re using a PC the Megathread will be located in the Announcements Bar

In this Megathread we’ll feature only the best decks, (Based on the upvotes they obtain) so you can access the most effective decks at any time!, however only decks that follow our deck guidelines will be taken into consideration. These decks can be posted both inside this megathread and outside of it as long as they follow our guidelines and provide Duel Assessment proof.

Decks will be updated daily based on the upvotes.

Last but not least… you say RNG is on your side huh? if that’s true, then maybe you want to share your reward pictures here.

Yugi Rewards:

  • Gandora the Dragon of Destruction [UR]

  • Valkyrion the Magna Warrior [UR]

  • Gamma The Magnet Warrior [SR]

  • Beta The Magnet Warrior [R]

  • Alpha The Magnet Warrior [R]

  • Toy Magician [SR]

  • Rain of Mercy [SR]

  • Union Attack [SR]

  • Magical Blast [SR]

  • Beaver Warrior [R]

  • Castle Walls [R]

  • Shattered Axe [R]

  • Blockman [R]

  • Minoan Centaur [R]


Deck By: /u/Atlas2052

  • Best Yugi Farming Deck #3 – LVL 30

Deck By:

Deck By: /u/Aeroxas13

Deck By: /u/Holeyfield

Deck By: /u/RebornFX

LEVEL 30 and 40 Decklists:


  • Gamma The Magnet Warrior x2

  • Alpha The Magnet Warrior x2

  • Beta The Magnet Warrior x2

  • Valkyrion the Magna Warrior x1

  • The Rock Spirit x1

  • Guardian Statue x2

  • Blockman x3 *Sphere Kuriboh x2

  • Union Attack x2

  • Canyon x1

  • Castle Walls x2


  • Gamma The Magnet Warrior x1

  • Alpha The Magnet Warrior x1

  • Beta The Magnet Warrior x1

  • Valkyrion the Magna Warrior x1

  • Giant Soldier of Stone x3

  • Golem Sentry x2

  • The Rock Spirit x2

  • Megarock Dragon x1

  • Guardian Sphinx x2

  • Sphere Kuriboh x1

  • Order to Charge x2

  • Release from Stone x2

  • A Feint Plan x1


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